Thursday, June 8, 2000
8:40 a.m.26th Avenue, San Francisco0
11:10Woodside Store28.34
11:44El Camino at Sand Hill, Palo Alto35.00
1:00 p.m.Marshlands Road at Thornton Avenue, Fremont45.15
1:35Niles Canyon Rd at Mission Blvd, Fremont52.50
2:34Water Temple Gate, at Niles Canyon Rd & Pleasanton-Sunol Rd, Sunol59.46
2:54Cross beneath 680 fwy on Sunol Vlvd, Pleasanton63.20
3:30 Livermore Safeway on First Street70.62
5:00 Greenville Rd. at Altamont Pass Rd78.10
5:48Grant Line Rd. at Byron Rd., Tracy91.63
6:15Lammers Road at Tracy Blvd, Tracy96.60
6:30Tracy Blvd at Howard Rd100.90
7:18Mathews Rd at El Dorado St., Stockton112.06
9:00 Cozy Motel, Stockton122.40
 Remove 2.7 miles for diversions119.70
Friday, June 9, 2000
6 a.m.Cozy Motel, Stockton119.70
7:20Lockeford, Hwy 88136.16
10:12104-88 junctin160.60
10:45Jackson Safeway164.27
11:2049-88 junction, Jackson164.30
2:55 p.m.4000 ft, Hwy 88186.78
3:45Omo Ranch Rd, Hwy 88191.50
4Cook's Station, 5000 feet, Hwy 88192.09
5:05Hams Station, Hwy 88195.86
5:426000 feet, Hwy 88198.41
8:15Kay's Resort picnic ground on Silver Lake, Hwy 88216.52
Saturday, June 10, 2000
9 a.m.Kay's Resort picnic ground, Silver Lake216.52
10 Kirkwood Cafe223.15
11:30Carson Pass (Snowshoe Thompson summit, 8574 ft228.40
12:12 p.m.Picketts Junction237.37
1:36Junction Hwy 89 & U.S. 50248.65
1:46junction Pioneer Trail250.65
2:10junction Pioneer Trail & U.S. 50, So. Lake Tahoe259.00
Sunday, June 11, 2000
5:50 a.m.Motel, Pioneer Trail, So. Lake Tahoe259.00
6:30The Y, U.S. 50 - State Hwy 89 junction264.56
9:26Tahoe City, turnoff to Truckee292.51
10:30Truckee, Hwy 89 & Donner Pass Rd306.65
3 p.m.Sierraville334.13
3:44Sattley, Junction A-23338.75
4:03junction Calpine Road342.65
4:55Junciton A-15352.21
5:22Graeagle Store356.62
5:42Turnoff to Blairsden357.93
9:05Quincy (Mill Creek Road)380.52
Monday, June 12, 2000
7:45 a.m.Quincy Safeway381.12
9:10Junction Hwy 70 & Hwy 89392.65
9:57Crescent Mills Mt. Market & Crescent Hotel399.77
10:20Stampfli Lane400.62
10:40left to Greenville403.71
10:56Memorial to Trista Stepper405.19
11:10Site of Peter Lassen trading post, 1851407.45
11:25Junction North Valley Road & Peeks Valley Rd.410.75
11:36Downtown Greenville412.17
1:26 p.m.Canyon Dam store421.42
1:40P.G.& E. Picnic Area422.22
1:57Lake Almanor PG&E Campground, handpump H20425.07
2:54Chester turnoff435.10
3:20Bodfish Bicycles 438.00
Tuesday, June 13, 2000
6:50 a.m.Antlers Motel, Quincy, Hwy 36 & Hwy 89 Jnctn443.8
7:54St. Bernard Lodge & 2 more restaurant/hostlerie451.82
8:06Junction Hwy 89 & Hwy 32 455.02
8:18Fire Mt. Store, cafe, lodge457.75
8:23Gurnsey Creek campsite459.42
8:50Child's Meadow (store, cafe, camp, showers, motel)462.70
10:28Morgan Summit (5753 ft) shelter, restrooms467.30
11:15Mt. Lassen Volcanic Nat'l Park entrance472.20
1:35 p.m.Trailhead for Mt. Lassen Summit480.51
6:36Crags campground (closed, non-potable water)498.00
7:00Manzanita campground (24-hour showers at store)502.80
Wednesday, June 14, 2000
7 a.m.depart Manzanita502.8
7:16Mt. Lassen N.V.P. toll booth503.38
7:20Junction, Hwy 44 & Hwy 89504.02
8Vista piont picnic area -- good campsite no water512.47
10:05Doty Road, Fireside Village Restaurant & campgnd529.09
10:50Junction Hwy 89 & Hwy 299539.79
11:24Burney Falls State Park (store, camping)545.72
2:55Junction, Hwy 89 & A19557.76
4:00Bartle (bar, restaurant closes at 4 p.m.)571.04
5:29Fowlers & Lower Falls campground581.67
5:55McCloud Market587.37
7:15Snowman's Hill Summit (4478 feet)592.28
7:30End Hwy 89 at Junction Hwy 5597.34
7:47Exit I-5 to Mott Road, Dunsmuir600.68
8:00Downtown Dunsmuir604.71
Thursday, June 15, 2000
8:30 a.m.depart Castle Rock Inn605.80
9:10Castella Post Office612.14
12:25 p.m.Pavement ends on A-25, just short of first summit623.66
?Second A-25 summit637.53
5:00Hwy 3 at Ramshorn Road643.28
5:10 Campground on Trinity River (with H20)646.53
Friday, June 16, 2000
7:15 a.m.Depart Trinity River Campground646.53
8:00Yellow Jacket Cafe, Trinity Center656.67
 several campgrounds through next few miles 
?Last major summit before Weaverville676.71
12:05Weaverville, junction Hwy 3 & Hwy 299686.35
2:30Junction Hwy 36 & Hwy 299 at Douglas City693.88
4:35Hayfork Summit (3654 feet)706.25
5:00Wildwood Road713.31
Saturday, June 17, 2000
6:50 a.m.Campground, Trinity County Fairground, Hayfork722.32
8:40End Hwy 3, Junction Hwy 36732.86
9:30Forest Glen Campground743.46
11:40South Fork summit (4077 ft)750.65
12:00 p.m.Ruth turnoff (Mad River Rd)756.67
12:10Mad River757.65
12:49Back at Ruth Turnoff (Mad River Road)758.63
2:30Rtuh Marina cafe768.03
3:58Junction Ruth-Zenia Road776.18
4:07Ruth Store, Ruth777.51
4:21Back at junction, Ruth-Zenia Rd.778.76
4:50Pavement ends, climb begins778.76
5:47Summit (shortly pavement resumes)787.23
6:05Intersection Ruth-Zenia Rd & Van Duzen Rd.791.22
8:48Intersection Zenia Bluff Rd & Alderpoint Rd.813.55
9:00Downtown Alderpoint816.18
Monday, June 18, 2000
6:10 a.m.Depart Alderpoint816.18
7:00Intersection Harris Road821.18
9:03Junction Alderpoint Rd. & Bell Springs Rd.825.09
9:50New Harris830.87
10:12Junction Island Mt. Rd. (pavement ends)833.11
10:20Crawler sculpture833.11
12:00 noonNobel Springs (there is no Bell Springs, town of)839.54
1:45Junction Hwy 101 (pavement resumes)852.73
2:14Rattlesnake summit (1796 ft.)856.28
6:45Junction Hwy One891.00
8:30Ft. Bragg909.54
Monday, June 9, 2000
7:30Depart Ft. Bragg909.54
9:40Junction Hwy One & Hwy 128930.41
3:45Junction Hwy 128 & U.S. 101986.47
7:15Healdsburg Safeway1005.57
8:20Junction, Westside Rd & River Rd.1018.28
8:45Schoolhouse Canyon campground (on River Rd)1020.06
Tuesday, June 20, 2000
6:10 a.m.depart Schoolhouse Canyon1020.06
8:02Junction River road & Hwy One1035.85
9:10Diekmann's Bay Store, Bodega Bay1045.59
12:15 p.m.The Marshall Store1068.62
1:20The Palace Mkt., Pt. Reyes Station1077.49
2:56Junction Nicasio Valley Rd & Sir Francis Drake Blvd.1091.84
3:22Bolinas-Fairfax Rd, Fairfax1097.03
5:24Gifuto Shoppu, Golden Gate Bridge toll plaza1114.39
6:152530 - 26th Avenue, San Francisco1120.47