The whole thing was Mary Brown's idea.

Before I go further, let me add that for a long time I have thought that Mary might be a plant.

"Looks human enough to me," you're thinking. But hear me out.

Remember last August? It was the winter of Willie Brown's discontent over Critical Mass. He pulled police support and near riot conditions ensued. The plan largely backfired because the increased media attention only made more people aware of the event.

Anyway, last August is about the same time I started to see Mary Brown hanging around the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition offices, employed as the membership coordinator.

You follow me? Mayor Brown? Mary Brown? Bit too homonymous, methinks!

Since, as Wanda Tinasky will tell you, for some people you can't be too obvious let me just say here that I am 100% tongue in cheek here. I idolize Mary Brown completely, as doubtless must you if you only know her.

Mary Brown reads Short Bike Rides in SF libretto

Brown reads Short Bike Rides in SF libretto

© 1998 Henry Kingman. All photos courtesy of Nellie Viola.

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