Around 3:30 p.m. I entered Forest Products land hoping to take a shortcut to Vida and avoid McKenzie Hwy traffic. All the loggers were heading out, so I stopped to ask one in a cartoonishly loud pickup truck parked next to the road whether I could get through or not. "It's pretty far," he'd bellow in response to everything I yelled. I'd ask a question like "Is it well-marked?" and he'd say, "It's pretty far." Finally, he added, "It's pretty steep. About 40 miles." I could tell from the map it wasn't that far, though. Luckily skies were clear which makes reckoning easier since you have the sun to go by, and a couple of hours later the fifth or sixth road I tried turned paved and I emerged onto the highway a mile west of Vida. A sign there told me I'd come from Angel's Flight Road, Dead End. Like reincarnation. I love it when that happens.

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