Came down from Medicine Lake angling toward Burney Falls on Powder Hill Road, then cut back on Old Camp Two Road to Tom Young (Hambone) Road to Pondosa Way to avoid the evil shoulderless menace of Hwy 89 (which, actually, can be pretty in fall colors). You take a risk when you commit to a backroads route like that, at least if all you have to go by are AAA maps, because the same weight line might be paved in one case, gravel in another, and often outright jeep trail. This time, I stumbled on Timber Product's secret highspeed alternative to Hwy 89 in Hambone Road. The only drawback is that Hambone on this particular day was plagued by swarms of half-ounce hairy-legged timber beetles somehow propelled into drunken comical bouncing flight presumably by some nightmarish seasonal swansong mating routine that was ill-conceived at best and worse-executed. Anyway, I detoured further in opting to head to a town AAA advertised as Pondosa, hoping for a snack. I guess I wasn't too disappointed, though, when I found the cool ghost town of Fondosa, instead. Maybe the error is in the logging company's sign, or maybe it's one of those errors they build into maps to bust plagiarists. But no, that wouldn't make sense; AAA maps have enough unintentional errors that they hardly need go out of their way to add in any more.

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