Oregon's had bad drought for the last five-six years, and a lot of the reservoirs I saw -- Cougar, in particular -- were low. Around Klamath, there's been quite a row between the farmers and the Feds over who gets to use up what water there still is. Head down Hill Road from Olene to Tule Lake and you'll pass dozens of signs put up by farmers with little else to do besides make sarcastic signs, seeing as how they couldn't get any water to farm with. About a hundred feet past this sign is a Park Service work station for Tule Lake, an immense metropolis of waterfowl. I rode around Tule Lake on dirt roads hoping to get a close view of the many varieties that the signs told me dwell there, but that's a binoculars-only sport what with hunting being allowed at this "Preserve." Well, they're supposed to only shoot the pheasant. At first I thought, man, there's nowhere safe for a bird. Then I thought, heh. Good. Don't teach those wild animals to put their trust in man.

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