Olympic National Park again, the North part (Elwha Valley) which is the nice part. I was less impressed with the Western edge of the park, the Hoh Valley, supposedly the rainiest place in the U.S. For one thing, it's not as steeply mountainous, at least the roads aren't. And, it's pretty heavily logged around the edges. But the worst thing is that it just seems questionable to me that the indigenous tribes there had the prescience to name themselves for what amounts to the molecular symbol of water: H-O-H. I mean, did they know it was the rainiest place in the U.S.? Did they know what a water molecule looked like? I did meet some neat people on that side of the Park, though. I bought a basket of chanterrels for $3 in a roadside liquor store, cooked them slowly with butter, onions and garlic and served them over pasta to myself and a few other folks at the Rain Forest Hostel.

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