Here's a camp near Ocean City, Wash. The tent is a Walrus Zoid. It weighs 3lbs, a little more with the footprint tarp, which I used. By now (second week), I'd remembered that Grant told me to put the stakes in first, then the poles. Maybe it does make sense to wait until you get married, I don't know. Oh, nevermind. Anyway, if you could get the Zoid well-staked in real dirt, I'm sure it'd hold up under a lot of snow. It's a good sturdy tent. I'm just not sure the stakes would hold if there was already snow on the ground. It's hard to tell here, but the side closest to the picnic table is a little vestibule. The tent opens from the side. I was as impressed with the tent's design and usability as Grant said I would be when he loaned it to me. During the fall and winter, days are short and you spend a lot of time in the tent, but I rarely felt cramped or inconvenienced. It rained 'most every night but me and my down bag had no trouble staying dry and cozy. We just lay there on my Thermarest Ultra-Light 3/4 listening to my tiny Grundig shortwave and had a great old time. Sorry about all the brand-name-dropping; it just seems like maybe someone might want to know.

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