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Darryl Skrabak, Henry Kingman

Milly takers have been few and far between so far -- alas, not so many are ready for the full New Millennium just quite yet. To date only three have actually completed this route under something close to the terms/conditions set forth in the official policy. However, we have word of at least one NOT MILLY, and deign (sniff) to list it here for its good route information and riding impressions. Way to go, Mark!.

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Otherwise... read on!

For one hundred years, American cyclists have enjoyed riding Centuries. This practice began around 1900 as part of that whole fin du siecle madness. Now, with the millennium border upon us, the authors think the time is right to introduce a new tradition to American cycling.

The Milly is like a Century, only moreso; to get the general idea of what a Milly is, have a look at the FAQ.

So far, three people have finished the course. For details, refer to the Milly Record. See this page for links to ride reports and photos.

Darryl has kept a detailed and helpful time and mileage log, fondly referred to as the Darrylog. It's also available in textformat. This will soon form the spine of a more complete database of course information as more people ride the course and contribute information.

Our Milly Manual is a more complete version of the FAQ that outlines what is expected of Milly riders who wish to be recognized by event headquarters and have their names added to the Milly Record.

Our Cal Milly Ride Guide is available now in rough form. For more precise mileages and detailed route information, refer to the Darrylog.

Thanks to all who attended the first annual Milly dinner following the first annual San Francisco Grand Prix. I enjoyed meeting everyone and reminiscing with the vets.

Thanks to Alex Zuckermann for publicizing the Milly ride in the Grizzly Peak Newsletter, and best of luck to the several people planning rides for the fall.

If you like, use the form here to send us your address and we will keep you posted, as updates are available.

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