This first section loops through the Bay Area, enabling milly hopefulls to pick up the loop at some point fairly close to their home or work. If you live on the peninsula, you can probably ride to Stockton after work to start your ride. If you live in the City, you could ride as far as you can and look for one of the many lodges near Jackson at the start of the foothills. If you can make it all the way to South Lake Tahoe -- a hard day's riding since you will have to first cross the (probably hot) Central Valley and then get over the Sierras (albeit via one of the more mellow routes) -- you can find cheap hotels there, especially if you have a coupon from that free newsprint travel magazine, I forget what it's called. But we're talking $25 a night or something.
startSan Francisco
40Stanford via Hwy 35, La Canada, Sand Hill
13Stanford to Fremont across dumbarton Bridge
18Fremont to Livermore via Niles Canyon,
Foothill Rd, Stanley Blvd.
46Livermore to Stockton via Altamont Pass Rd,
Grant Line Rd, Lammers Rd., Tracy Blvd,
Howard Rd, Matthews rd, El Dorado Street
44Stockton to Jackson via Hwy 88
71Jackson to Picketts Jnct. via Hwy 88
16Picketts Jnct. to Tahoe Valley via Hwy 89
248 miles this section
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