This section is largely unexplored, as yet, so directions here are especially alpha. The only paved road option through the Shasta/ Trinity/Coast Range here is a nice enough road (Hwy 36) but we have tried to offer something a little different/better. With tiny back roads & hillmuffin country, this section just gets up and does it. But like I said, we're still figuring it out, so let us know if you want to ride some of it and report back.

35Hwy 5 (Mt. Shasta City) to Hwy 3 via W.A. Barr Rd,
(No. 26), No. 25 (Mumbe Rd, Ramshorn Rd)
68Hwy 3 to Hayfork
132Hayfork to Mad River, down east side
of Ruth Lake to Zenia, Alderpoint, Harris &
to Hwy 101 via Bell Springs Rd.
12to Laytonville
247 miles this section

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