This next section starts from South Lake Tahoe and starts out with a few miles around scenic Lake Tahoe. As traffic can be bad here you may wish to get an early start. Once you get to Squaw (home of the Winter Olympics in 19xx?) the road is nicely improved with a big wide shoulder, so even if there is traffic you should be okay.

Next you'll be riding through some beautiful Sierra territory... and since it's mostly National Forest land you can camp anywhere, even where there isn't a campsite. Check out the hot springs at Sierraville if you like (you'll have to join the New Age Church of Being in order to have a soak) or the free illegal hotsprings down the road (ask directions in a local cafe). There are several highly cool backroads options for this section ... watch this space and more info will be forthcoming. What is shown here is merely the fastest, but not necessarily the most "interesting" way to ride through this section.

A word about the last section, through Mt. Lassen. This will be closed in winter, when you may wish to take a lower-elevation dirt road option. Either way, this last bit will pose a challenge. Luckily there are great traveler facilities around here, including several places to buy a hot shower. More info to come.

28Tahoe Valley to Tahoe City via Hwy 89
16Tahoe City to Truckee
73Truckee to Quincy via Hwy 89
49Quincy to Chester via Hwy 89
59Chester to Manzanita Lake via Mt. Lassen
78Manzanita Lake to Mt. Shasta City via Hwy 89
310 miles this section

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